Claire, Founder of The Outmakers

Passionate about travel and international challenges, Claire came up with the idea of The Outmakers after travelling and working in different parts of the world. She lived in the US, China, Australia, France and Brazil and has always been fascinated about cultural patterns and the power of synergy that rises by gathering people from different nationalities.


As Marcel Proust said, travel makes one discover new things but even more, makes people look at all they knew with new eyes. Coming back to live in France after 3 years of expatriation, Claire remembered how beautiful and unique in the world is Europe. From the main cities to amazing not so touristic places, there are so many European places worth the visit and perfect locations for work and life purpose. This is how The Outmakers was born, a project aimed at offering beautiful Coliving/Coworking stays and accommodations for Digital Nomads in beautiful spots of Europe, mainly settling in small or middle cities with paradisiac environment and away from touristic seasons to enjoy to the fullest the richness of the place.

As a new project that is been tested, we remain very open for new suggestion and would love this adventure to be a co-creation process to best suit your needs! Feel free to contact us for any request.




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